About me

I work, teach and research on economics, public policy and politics in South Africa. I’m a former head of National Treasury’s budget office. I spent nine years at the national headquarters of the African National Congress, where I coordinated economic policy and led the party’s research agenda. I have masters degrees in economics and international development from the University of London (SOAS) and Harvard’s Kennedy School.

I am currently leading The Public Economy Project, a research initiative that aims to build analytical capabilities on macro-fiscal policy, public economics and public financial management. It is located at Wit University’s Southern Centre for Inequality Studies, a multi-partner research and policy project focusing on understanding and addressing inequality in the global South. I teach public economics and fiscal policy at the School of Finance and Economics and the Wits School fo Governance.

I’m Deputy Chair of the Finance and Fiscal Commission, an independent commission established by the Constitution to provide impartial advice on matters of public finance and intergovernmental fiscal relations to Parliament, provincial legislatures and other authorities. The deputy chair is a part-time position appointed by the President.

More about me

My email address is michael.sachs@wits.ac.za 

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Here are some pictures of me taken by my good friend Oscar Gutierrez (please credit him if you use them):